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In december 2015 OOGPUNT did their project WorldWide at

Compass International School in Doha (Qatar). The students of year 6

made their own videoclip about their 'home far away from home'.

A WorldWide OOGPUNT project involves working in conjuntion with the

NTC and/or International students to produce a video clip about their school

and their lives abroad. For the students, it's a creative and multilingual process

in which all aspects of collaborative co-operative learning will be applied.

WorldWide can be used as a full "language meets art" module,

during special cultural days, or as regular teaching material.

The video clip can be used by students, parents, the school, or for promotional

purposes - not just for school brand awareness but also for general promotion.

For example, our CIS (Compass International School) Doha Qatar video clip

was used by the embassy to show how the international community functions

in Doha. They showed it to local businesses and on QatarTV.

The Dutch School in Rome used it for crowdfunding and it worked:

they reached their goal!

OOGPUNT WorldWide makes a positive connection between the

International community and the local culture of the country, city, and inhabitants.

The video clip can be shown during school conventions by the principals

to market their school. All the feedback received concludes that this project

provides students with an extremely positive experience.

Even years later they still talk about it!

OOGPUNT is a Dutch word, meaning “point of view, your own opinion”.

We are a Dutch theater duo that develops and performs art projects combining drama,

dance, music and audio-visual artforms, emphasizing social themes.




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